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Limited Contact Program

Limited Contact is a great way to introduce contact football skills without going to the ground. Some athletes start in flag or 7v7 before advancing to Limited Contact, while others start here prior to proceeding to full contact. The goal is to develop young players' skills and keep the sport fun.

Since our coaches are experienced at the high school and college level, it has given us a true perspective of what is actually important for youth football players to focus on. Winning youth championships are a blast, we have plenty of trophies in our case, but in the end, all that matters is if our athletes are prepared to compete when they enter high school.

This Limited Contact program is the perfect way for our staff to teach fundamental and advanced football techniques and drill in the necessary football knowledge.

Ask a football coach, the first tackle experience is the most difficult and until this program, was forced upon kids under huge stress of a hectic competitive tackle environment. Every single year, regardless of age, the leap an athlete takes from year one to year two is enormous.

This program allows use to teach everything your athlete will need to know before entering competitive tackle football at any level. They will learn in a safe, controlled environment that is conducive to learning and processing the information and techniques they will need in their football journey.

Limited Contact Resources & Case Studies

Q: How did parents react to having a Limited Contact game type?
A: This was certainly a football option that helped the parents that were concerned. They got to see their 3rd grader play the Limited Contact game in full pads and many then transitioned to full tackle the next year.

Q: Were there any other unexpected results by offering Limited Contact?

A: We had some parents that wanted to continue to have their player play Limited Contact instead of full tackle.


Q: Would you say Limited Contact is a good bridge between Non-Contact and Contact?

A: Absolutely. For our Limited Contact coaches, we encourage them to teach regular blocking and to spend some time in practice tackling bags.

QB Development Offerings

Complete QB Development Program

Playing Quarterback on a tackle football field may be the hardest job in all of sports. It takes a combination of mental acuity and physical tools to perform at a high level. 

Our QB Development Program will fully immerse your athlete in the position for a full two months, being put through different types of training to ensure they leave the program with the skills and knowledge to compete on a tackle football team.

Various training methods included are:

  • Passing League (current cohort): players will join the current Passing League cohort and move through the different phases of a season. This provides direct training through training camp and game situations. QBs will be tasked with learning formations, passing plays and the reads/progressions for each play.

  • 1 on 1 QB Training: Athletes will be receive a weekly session (8 total sessions) with our QB Coach to work on everything from skills and football IQ to gameplay gaps found in the Passing League practices and games.

  • QB Zoom Sessions: All Quarterbacks moving through the program have regular coach run, zoom group calls to review film, advance thier football IQ and collaborate with peers.

  • QB Virtual Training (VR) Sessions:  Quarterback development is all about getting as many deep-learning practice repetitions as possible. With our VR training, QBs receive the same virtual reality training as the Pros, getting to practice executing reads and making proper decisions on a tackle field, without the contact!

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