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7v7 Industry Overview

Updated: May 11, 2023

7v7 or 7 on 7 football is a popular variation of American football that is played with seven players on each team. The game is typically played on a smaller field, and the rules are modified to make it faster-paced and more conducive to high-scoring games. 7v7 football is often played by youth leagues, high school teams, and recreational leagues.

The industry for 7v7 football has been growing in recent years, with more and more organizations and leagues offering programs and tournaments. This growth has been driven by several factors, including the popularity of football in general, the desire for a faster-paced and more exciting version of the game, and the increasing availability of facilities and equipment.

Some of the largest organizations in the 7v7 football industry include the Adidas 7v7 National Championships, the Pylon 7v7 Series, and the Battle 7v7 Series. These organizations host tournaments and leagues that attract teams from across the country and offer significant prize money for winners.

The equipment used in 7v7 football is similar to traditional football, but some modifications are made to accommodate the smaller field and fewer players. For example, the football used in 7v7 is typically smaller and lighter than a regulation football, and players are often required to wear flag belts instead of pads and helmets.

Overall, the 7v7 football industry is poised for continued growth in the coming years, as more and more players and fans discover the excitement and thrill of this fast-paced and dynamic version of America's favorite sport.

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