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Updated: May 10, 2023

Many have asked, what is this air raid offense you keep referencing?

As such, I wanted to let you all know why we use the Air Raid as the basis for the offensive part of our program.

The Air Raid offense was created decades ago by Hal Mumme. The offense has been adopted by some of the most successful high school, college and even professional teams around the world. Even offenses that don’t claim to be Air Raid have multiple Air Raid concepts in them due to their simplicity, effectiveness and pre-built adjustments...

DFA has taken the Air Raid one step further, becoming experts at Middle School Air Raid to ensure youth athletes are completely prepared for high school. Our program will teach:

  • Common football concepts players will use their entire football career, even outside of the Air Raid offense (flood, verticals, shallow, etc)

  • Simplified the concept details for players (minimal routes/concepts, max repetition, building off mastered routes/concepts)

  • Common football adjustments (per position) are built into the offense (RPO, sit in zone vs run from man, blitz recognition, coverage recognition)

  • All of fundamental and advanced football skills players need to know before high school are encompassed within the concepts (QB, WR, RB basic and advanced training)

What makes Whstle experts?

Whstle Program Director Matt Lasker started his Air Raid exploration in 2018, looking for a way to spread the ball around at the youth level. Since then, Matt has been featured in numerous publications, podcasts and interviews for his work bringing this innovative offense to the youth and middle school levels. Matt’s goal has been to provide free resources to other youth and middle school coaches so they can run this style of play effectively. Resident QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Chandler Davis, has taken his experience in the DFA program to forge his own Air Raid centric career locally, finding amazing success everywhere he has coached. Feel free to check out the resources below to learn more.


  • Air Raid Certified, 2021

  • Air Raid 2019: 8th grade/14u, (Matt Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator)

  • 1951 passing yards

  • 30 passing TDs

  • Air Raid 2020: High School Varsity club (Matt Offensive Coordinator, Chander QB Coach)

  • Top Offense in Champions League (5-1 record)

  • Air Raid 2021, 6/7th grade/12u, (Chandler Offensive Coordinator, Aaron Silverman Head Coach)

    • Total yards - 2827

    • Passing yards - 1653

    • Rushing yards 1217

    • Touchdowns - 51

  • Air Raid 2021 - 8th grade/14u, (Matt Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator)

    • Total yards - 3129

    • Passing yards - 1310

    • Rushing yards 1819

    • Touchdowns - 50

  • Air Raid Middle School Program Highlights

    • Players with carries - 27

    • Players with receptions - 19

    • Players with 100 yards receiving - 11

    • Total Yards - 5956

    • Total TDs - 101

Please let me know if you have any questions! Matt

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