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Flag Football

Flag football youth refers to a modified version of American football that is played by children and young individuals. It is a non-contact sport designed to minimize the risk of injuries associated with tackle football while still providing a fun and competitive experience. In flag football youth, the players wear flags or belts that are attached to their waist. Instead of tackling opponents to the ground, defenders attempt to remove the flags or pull the belts from the ball carrier's waist to indicate a "tackle" or end the play. By removing the flag or belt, the defense simulates a tackle without physical contact. The rules of flag football youth generally follow those of traditional American football, with some adaptations to suit the non-contact nature of the game. It emphasizes skills such as passing, catching, running, and strategic playmaking. Flag football youth is often played on smaller fields with fewer players compared to traditional football, promoting increased participation and engagement among young athletes. Flag football youth is a popular sport for children and teenagers, as it provides an introduction to football fundamentals while focusing on safety and enjoyment. It is commonly played in schools, community leagues, and recreational programs as a way to promote physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the development of key motor skills. Danville, San ramon, walnut creek, Pleasanton, livermore, dublin, concord, Lafayette, moraga, east bay, bay area, san francisco, oakland

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