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What is the Whstle Passing League?

The Whstle Passing League is the non-tackle vehicle we use to teach athletes the fundamentals, skills, concepts, techniques and football IQ they will need to take the next step in their individual development. Each cohort will progress through the different stages of the academy to ensure players are learning, retaining and able to execute what has been taught throughout. The passing league was created to be fun, competitive way to bridge the gap between flag and tackle football.

Can my athlete play Youth Tackle & Whstle Passing League at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! Go watch a youth tackle game, you will see very few passes being thrown, if any at all. Youth coaches are not equipped to teach and coach passing as it is not easy and those coaches are dad volunteers.  This is not great as the majority of High Schools (besides DLS), are primarily passing teams. Think of us a High School preparation for Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Defensive Backs and Linebackers. Our Passing League is essentially 8 week positions specific skills training for what will be expected at the next level.

We scheduled our Summer Passing Leagues to end (5:30pm) before tackle practice starts (6:00pm) so your athletes can attend both. 

What do we teach and who should join?

This 7v7 Passing League format enables us to teach fundamental and advanced skills for the vast majority of the positions on the football field. Players wanting to compete at Quarterbacks, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Defensive Back and Linebacker will receive deep learning through practice and game situations. Athletes will exit their cohort with advanced knowledge of their position(s).


Since this is non-tackle, the passing league doesn’t accommodate offense and defensive line play but we do have private and pod coaching available for all positions. Please click here to learn more about private lesson options!

Why do we use cohorts?

We start cohorts at strategic times throughout the year (winter, spring, summer) to maximize learning for that specific group of athletes. We won’t allow new additions once the cohort has begun. This model enhances the success due to a consistent structure that offers a stable and supportive atmosphere to each cohort of athletes. We have seen this interactive learning climate lead to increased engagement, interdependence and improved critical thinking skills necessary to be successful on and off the football field.

How does it work?

We set up each cohort to go through different phases of learning, starting with a true training camp experience and ending with a competitive championship tournament. Whstle coaches will be focused on teaching and reenforcing skills throughout each phase. Athletes will progress through the program progressively building throughout.


Training Phase

  • Each cohort kicks off with a NFL style combine

  • All players will go through a 3 week training camp, run by DFA coaches

Team Building Phase

  • Athletes break into equally competitive teams

  • Regular Season play beings

Championship Phase

  • Season concludes with an exciting tournament to crown the cohort champions!

How are the equally split teams selected?

We have two ways of determining teams, depending on the cohort. Most commonly, the coaches will use the combine data, plus training camp to assess skills and create even teams accordingly. Some advances cohorts have the option of a player run draft, which is a ton of fun! The coaches will determine during training camp which way the cohort will selected teams. We believe breaking into equally competitive teams creates rich football situations that allow players to be tested and ultimately gain the experience and knowledge that will help them move forward in their personal journey.

How long does it last?

Generally speaking, each cohort is 2 full months from start to finish. We may bleed over a week or two if outside factors come into play, but no additional fee will be charged.

Are their travel team opportunities?

After the Passing League season, we do form travel teams and go compete in at various tournaments in throughout the U.S. Travel teams are invite only and travel teams fees and costs will be additional.

Will this prepare my athlete for tackle and/or high school football?

Absolutely! We created Whstle Sports with high school preparation as our core value. Our mission is to prepare as many athletes as possible for high school football, regardless if they played tackle. While we cannot simulate the tackling aspect of the game, we can ensure your athletes skills, technique and understanding of the game, at various positions, will be undeniable to any high school coach.

What else do you offer?

  • Private and/or Pod Training (all ages) – This is position specific training where players can learn or advance their existing skillset. Great for QBs, WR/DB, RB/LB and of course offensive and defensive line!

  • Youth 7v7 Program (1st-5th grade) - The youth 7v7 program is a fun competitive, non-contact way to learn and play football. Passing and catching take a great deal of practice to master so participating in our 7v7 program offers athletes an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills. We focus on teaching true football skills, concepts and execution previously only taught in a tackle football atmosphere while building foundational skills for all positions. 

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