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Chandler Davis

QB Coach / Offensive Specialist

Quarterback Coach Chandler offers a unique perspective to the quarterback position.

He acquired his skills by learning and working under Will Hewlett. Hewlett is one of the nation’s top quarterback coaches and is a lead coach at QB collective where he works directly with Head Coaches Matt Lafleur, of the Green Bay Packers, Kyle Shanahan, with the San Francisco Forty Niners and Sean Mcvay the with the LA Rams. Through Coach Hewlett, Chandler observed the specialized coaching of youth, high school, college, and even professional quarterbacks. Under Hewlett mentorship, Chandler worked closely with former Washington State Quarterback Anthony Gordon during his NFL-combine prep.

Chandler focuses on the philosophy of throwing mechanics, which he believes are the foundation behind all great quarterbacks. He specializes in building the fundamentals of throwing mechanics by utilizing video analysis to break down every throw, drills to reenforce proper footwork, and on-field examples to simulate game-time situations.

After playing college football at the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point for two years, he transferred to UC Berkeley to focus on his studies and finish his degree in biomechanics. He is currently coaching quarterbacks throughout the Bay Area and has coached many quarterbacks who are currently playing college football. Chandler has a passion for teaching the game to quarterbacks of all ages.


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