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Playing Quarterback may be the hardest job in all of sports. It takes a combination of mental acuity and physical tools to perform at a high level, not to mention countless reps in order to feel comfortable in an actual tackle football game.

If your athlete has a desire to play Quarterback in High School, they need to start training well in advance of Freshman year. Through years of coaching spread football in local youth tackle programs, we have put together QB Development programs that enable youth and middle school athletes to get the training they need. 

The programs below can be broken out and utilized separately but our Complete QB Development Program is the most efficient way to use their offseason to immerse themselves in the position and be ready to compete on a competitive football field of any type (flag, 7v7, tackle).


Complete QB Development Program

Playing Quarterback on a tackle football field may be the hardest job in all of sports. It takes a combination of mental acuity and physical tools to perform at a high level. 

Our QB Development Program will fully immerse your athlete in the position, being put through different types of training to ensure they leave the program with the skills and knowledge to compete on a competative football team.

Various training methods included are:

  • Passing League (current cohort): players will join the current Passing League cohort and move through the different phases of a season. This provides direct training through training camp and game situations. QBs will be tasked with learning formations, passing plays and the reads/progressions for each play.

  • The QB Room, Group Training: Quarterbacks in the program will be receive weekly sessions with our QB Coach to work on everything from skills and football IQ to gameplay gaps found in the Passing League practices and games.

  • QB Zoom Sessions: All Quarterbacks moving through the program have regular coach run, zoom group calls to review film, advance thier football IQ and collaborate with peers.

  • QB Virtual Training (VR) Sessions:  Quarterback development is all about getting as many deep-learning practice repetitions as possible. With our VR training, QBs receive the same virtual reality training as the Pros, getting to practice executing reads and making proper decisions on a tackle field, without the contact!

  • More Practices, No Charge: All Quarterback Club members are welcome to join any and all program weekday practices to work on their craft against live 7v7 players in our action packed team practices.

  • Local & Tournament Games: Put your QB knowledge and skills to the test. With a QB Club membership, you have free access to our local Passing Leagues (while registered in program) as well as the Tournament Team (if you are selected for that months roster).

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