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7v7 vs Flag

7v7 and 7 on 7 football are very similar to each other, as both involve playing American football with seven players on each team. The terms "7v7" and "7 on 7" are often used interchangeably to refer to this style of football.

Flag football, on the other hand, is a different style of football that involves two teams of typically 5 or 6 players, with the objective being to pull the flag off the ball carrier instead of tackling them. The game is played on a smaller field, with fewer downs and no contact between players.

While both 7v7 and flag football involve playing with fewer players than traditional football, the main difference between them is that 7v7 is a contact sport, and players are allowed to tackle each other, albeit without pads or helmets. In contrast, flag football is a non-contact sport, and players are only allowed to pull the flags off the ball carrier. Overall, 7v7 and flag football are both fun and exciting variations of American football, but they differ significantly in terms of the level of physical contact and the rules of the game.

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